March 9, 2021Dev Blog

Development Update: Factions

Welcome Soldiers!

A short update to start of the week on a new feature that’s been recently completed by the development team. As countries engaged all efforts in the war, many divisions and units were deployed and saw action on the Western Front. With this in mind, and committing to our goal of delivering an authentic experience, multiple factions will be seen fighting together Beyond the Wire. Adding a new system for Operation Two, the Harlem Hellfighters and the AEF will be on the battlefield alongside the French. Allowing players able to play as a French unit or as the Hellfighters / AEF when deploying into relevant maps, with both forces fighting side by side.

Section options per team are yet to be finalised. But the system is in the final stages of testing and ready to roll with the next update. This system gives us a great foundation to introduce more sub-factions in future updates before leaving Early Access. There are many heroic units and valorous deeds from The Great War. We are looking forward to honouring them in our own way.

Once Operation Two arrives we’ll be updating our roadmap, including news on the next sub-factions that we have planned! For now though, stay posted Soldiers!