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Hotfix: V0.7.5388 released

October 29, 2020

Welcome Soldiers!

Our second hotfix is coming in hot after the first week after release as we look to address some performance issues and bug fixing, as well as implementing some changes based on the feedback of the community. Thanks to everyone for contributing so far with bug reports and game suggestions, we're hoping these changes help the game run better in all aspects! See the full changelog below:


  • Changed the min/max damage radius on grenade launcher projectile from 1/15 to 5/12 meters
  • Changed the min/max damage radius on F1, M1916 & Mk1 grenades from 5/15 meters to 4/12 meters
  • Changed the min/max damage radius on M1916 GL from 5/15 to 6/15 meters
  • Increased infantry section size from 6 players to 10 players
  • Increased medics per section from 1 to 2
  • Decreased size of artillery section from 4 to 3
  • Adjusted infantry section kit requirements
    • Assault 01 requires 5 members in the section
    • Assault 02 French Republic & German Empire requires 6 members in section, AEF requires 8 members in the section
    • Grenadier requires 8 members in the section
    • SL 01 always available
    • SL 02 requires 3 members in the section
    • SL 03 requires 6 members in the section
    • LMG requires 8 members in the section
    • Medic requires 2 members in the section
    • Rifleman always available
  • Increased grenade count of Assault role 01
  • Reduced grenade count of Assault role 02
  • Removed team limit on Assault 02 and LMG roles due to UI confusion
  • Added binoculars to Artillery section members
  • Reduced max capture rate on Assault game mode from .125 to .05 (capture rate now maxes out at 10 players)


  • Changed last defender spawn volume on Ansoncourt Assault to stretch over the entire playable area
  • Added early morning lighting to Ansoncourt Frontlines
  • Improved vegetation on Ansoncourt
  • Increased brightness of Ansoncourt Assault nighttime lighting


  • Added new sounds for Feldkanone 96 n.A.
  • Optimized player model update rate
  • Optimized Gas Mask update rate
  • Disabled landscape tesselation on Frise
  • Fixed memory leak related to Gas Masks


  • Increased visibility of map icons
  • Disabled loading screen videos for unknown Windows versions ("N" versions)
  • Replaced placeholder SL ability icon
  • Removed automatic bolting and fire mode selector keybind from the settings window
  • Fixed spawn point UI animation scaling incorrectly
  • Decreased soldier map icon size
  • Desaturated UI colours (friendly, enemy, section members etc)
  • Fixed Assault objective boundaries sometimes not being displayed correctly

General fixes

  • Fixed missing texture for field cannon impact effects when hitting enemy infantry
  • Fixed environment objects looking muddy on medium settings
  • Fixed deployables being difficult to place on uneven terrain
  • Fixed playable area on Ansoncourt not reaching level boundaries
  • Fixed preparation stage blocking volume on Frise Frontlines not being wide enough
  • Fixed Chinese localization in options menu
  • Fixed Chauchat distant sounds playing all at once causing audio glitches
  • Fixed artillery detachment being referenced as 'engineers'
  • Fixed being able to see underground when prone exploit
  • Fixed medic icon being too small on minimap
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur during loading
  • Fixed S98/05 Bayonet texture being misaligned

Stay posted for further updates, Soldiers!