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Operation Two: Community Highlights

Community News
April 22, 2021
OpII Community highlight header

Welcome Soldiers!

Operation Two released last week and while we're waiting to reveal what's next on the journey for Beyond The Wire, we thought we'd gather some of the amazing For King and Country moments the community has been sharing! From patch notes videos to screenshots of the horrors of war, there's been some amazing content made this week - Check them out and be sure to support all the channels doing such amazing content!

Straight off the bat is this excellent coverage from Shmillsyy of the patch notes for Operation Two. The video has great detail and footage showcasing new weapons, maps and more - Thanks to Shmillsyy for doing an amazing breakdown!

Next up is this disturbing image from the frontline. Posted in our discord by Banker#5524 and suitably tagged "50,000 people lived here now it's a ghost town". A scary reminder to not bunch up, Soldiers!

This video from Kaiser Stefan showcases the battle from a different perspective, making use of our admin cam to capture the battle from the skies. Fantastic edit!

Borrowing this stunning screenshot from Beyond The Wire France community discord, LaPatateDouce#2512 captured this moment of beauty amongst the chaos while assaulting Combles.

One of our favourite YouTubers Miha8 Gaming has been pumping out some great videos and livestreams since release, but this assault on Poelcappalle is a highlight from us. Great work Miha!

Newly deployed and about to head over the top, The Pumpkin King#8795 caught the disciplined readiness of the Harlem Hellfighters. Fantastic group shot!

A new upload yesterday from Four Brothers Gaming had our team in stitches with the immersive death sounds. Another awesome video from this channel, give them a sub!

This poor commander was simply bird watching, according to athanxx#3954, when he was timely slotted by the advancing Germans. Poor timing, sir

Another great upload to YouTube is this coverage from The Fresh Baked Goods who have delivered another awesome BTW video. We always appreciate new videos from this channel, thank you guys!

A shorter clip here from TheDevonRed on YouTube, showing a Harlem Hellfighter artillery crewman unloading in Sechault. We loved watching this real-time reaction!

Also available on YouTube is our developer live stream for the King and Country release, where we discussed all the major features of this latest update!

We hope everyone has enjoyed their first week of Operation Two and we can't wait to see what else the community creates! See you in the trenches, Soldier!