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Character Damage Model

Dev Blog
June 14, 2021
damage model Steam_Header_Image

Welcome Soldiers!

One of our recent updates made some changes to the damage model of player models in-game where we drilled down further on realistic shooting mechanics. One update included a new damage volume for the central nervous system of a character, meaning successful shots to this new area as well as headshots, cause high damage. With this change, we thought it would be good to identify this system with a quick graphic displaying the main damage volumes.

Aiming to continually improve the shooting mechanics as we move through Early Access, adding further depth to the damage model for characters is one part of how we deliver the realistic feeling we're aiming for. With a more in-depth system, our players are rewarded for landing accurate and deadly shots. Opening up the central nervous system to one-shot kills along with the headshot makes sense given the lethality of receiving a gunshot to these areas. While damage drop-off over distance will affect whether shots to the centre of mass are fatal, most engagements will see these shots drop the enemy. This system adds an additional layer to our realistic gunplay, which will continue to be a core part of the game.

Stay posted for further news on our summer updates, Soldier!