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Update: Operation III Release

Community News
September 23, 2021
OpIII test header

Welcome Soldiers!

Summer is drawing to a close and we have an update on the development of Beyond The Wire’s Operation III: Canada’s 100 days and it’s associated release window. Operation III had initially been ear-marked for release towards the end of Summer, which would include a brand new progression and customization system that will be a major part of Beyond The Wire going forward. The team is also hard at work on a new faction and all-new maps. Development of this significant content update has taken more time than we had anticipated, and as such we have made the necessary decision to delay the release of Operation III. Our desire to ensure a successful and smooth release for our players requires additional development and testing.

The team will be taking full advantage of this extra time to iterate on existing maps, tune gameplay, conduct further testing, and coordinate marketing efforts.

Delaying this third operation was not an easy choice - we have seen the excitement brewing across the community. We can’t wait to see you on the fields of Vimy Ridge and Vieil Armand, and look forward to delivering a rewarding gameplay experience that lives up to your expectations! We will be announcing the release date in due time so stay posted as we continue to preview the major content pieces of this expansion over the coming weeks.

As always, the Redstone Interactive team deeply appreciates your support and love for Beyond the Wire!