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Operation III Arsenal

Dev Blog
October 13, 2021

Welcome Soldiers!

With a new faction arriving and other weapons coming to completion, Operation III resupplies the arsenal with more iconic weaponry . This next update brings Canadian firearms and heavy weaponry for the French that have been waiting to be deployed and are now ready to be introduced. Check out the list of incoming weapons below!

Ross Rifle Mk III

Before the Canadian Army adopted the British SMLE MK III* they were largely armed with the Ross rifle. The straight-pull action of the bolt allowed Soldiers to lay down a greater volume of fire for less effort. However due to concerns regarding its reliability in the trenches, it was eventually phased out in favour of the mass produced SMLE, Late war maps will still see the Ross in use as reconnaissance sections utilise it’s great accuracy, while early war maps will see the CEF deployed with the Ross as the main battle rifle.

2nd Model "Hand Ejector" Revolver

A six-round, double-action revolver used by the CEF as a primary weapon for Officers. Similar in design to its American and British counterparts, the revolver was chambered in .455 Webley to simplify logistics for the forces of the British Empire. A sturdy weapon with a decent fire rate, it saw its fair share of action in the trenches of the Western Front.

Berthier Fusil Mle 1907/15

The most common service rifle of the Harlem Hellfighters - the French-made Berthier M1907/15 is fed by a relatively small 3-round en-bloc clip. Still accurate and reliable but with a quicker reload than its older Lebel cousin, the berthier is more than capable enough to serve in the battlefields of France.

M1918 B.A.R

One of the most popular automatic rifle designs during the 20th century is heading out Beyond The Wire. The M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle came into service in the final months of the First World War but made a lasting impression. The BAR was well-received for its modest weight and reliability, though the lack of a bipod has a noticeable effect on its accuracy.

Canon de 75 modèle 1897

French Artillery crews will soon be deploying with their own field canons, replacing the placeholder QF-13. This 75mm field cannon was primarily used by the French Republic, but also supplied in large numbers to the AEF, who nicknamed it the French 75. Though the flat trajectory of field guns challenged their utility in the static conditions of trench warfare, the 75 was one of the best of its class, with great range and rate of fire, and earned a bit of fame for its actions during the 1st Battle of the Marne.

Hotchkiss M1914

The second heavy weapon arriving with Op III is the The main heavy machine gun of the French Republic, this is a heavy, air-cooled weapon that feeds from a 24-round metal strip. It was primarily used as an emplaced weapon in the trenches but also was adopted for use in vehicles. It entered service to replace the older and less-reliable St. Étienne and Puteaux machine guns, with production increasing as the war progressed.

M1895 “Potato Digger”

This air-cooled heavy machine gun got its nickname for reportedly digging up dirt during operation due to its firing mechanism. Relatively lightweight and reliable, the Canadian forces landing in France fought with these weapons until they could phase them out for the Vickers heavy machine guns, after which the majority of them were given to the Belgian army.

Keep one eye on the horizon Soldier as more news on Operation III arrives. See you in the trenches!