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Operation III Release Date & 1 Year Celebration

Community News
October 21, 2021

Welcome Soldiers

After announcing that Operation III was needing additional time for development we are now able to offer our latest update. Scheduled to release to steam on November 3rd, Operation III introduces a brand new faction, 2 new maps and a host of new weapons as well as optimization work, gameplay improvements and game mode reworks. While we had originally planned to release the first iteration of the progression and customization with this update, the system has taken much longer than we had anticipated, and therefore we have made the decision to release completed content and hold the new system until the next game update - due in a couple of months.

This exclusion is certainly not ideal and we will be ensuring the progression system is working fully before releasing. We do not want to ship a broken or malfunctioning system that could potentially fail in correctly rewarding players. Given these changes to content we plan on releasing an updated Road Map which reflects these changes, with new updates planned and concrete information on what 1.0 release looks like.

Finally, it has been one year since we released to Steam Early Access and we’re going to be celebrating over the coming days. Join the official Beyond The Wire discord as we host a giveaway of game copies and where we will be hosting our first "Journeys from Beyond The Wire" Stage Night on October 28, where we go live with the development for a chat about Beyond The Wire’s journey and more importantly - have your questions answered!

Thanks as always to our amazing community from all of us at Redstone for the continued support and input towards improving the game. We'll see you in the trenches!

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