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Road Map Update

November 2, 2021

Welcome Soldiers!

Over the past number of weeks the team at Redstone have been working on revealing an updated roadmap for the community to give a more definitive view of what Beyond The Wire will look like when we've completed Early Access. With a view towards 1.0 release we have detailed the path forwards, with concrete plans for each update between now and launch.

After reshuffling some of the upcoming content we can confirm that our new progression and customization system will be arriving as part of a new update scheduled for Winter 2021/2022 alongside a full release of the Jäger Regiment, a light infantry sub-faction for the German Empire. The following updates through 2022 will further add interesting and exciting content that will enhance player's experience of The Great War, with each expansion adding more factions and famous battlefields from the Western Front. Optimization of features, systems and levels will still be an on-going effort, with the most effort applied to this area in the closing stages of Early Access. Each update will continue to mould gameplay and user experience as we rework game modes, improve special effects and streamline player interactions.

We're excited to share the road ahead with you all and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback on all aspects! As always stay posted for upcoming news from Beyond The Wire. See you in the trenches!