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Faction Uniforms Update

Dev Blog
November 24, 2021

Welcome Soldiers!

Operation III released recently and with this update came our first implementation of year-based loadouts and faction uniforms. As the Great War saw advances in technologies, the armies of the time had to develop better protective equipment and more effective weapons that had a direct impact on the factions involved. From changing colours for camouflaging to redesigned weapons, the soldiers of WW1 saw one of the largest and wide spreading advancements of war.

With a priority to deliver experiences from multiple years from the war it was important we established foundations to deliver these differences and variety. From the early engagements in our 1914 gameplay layers to the massive late war advances on the Meuse-Argonne, players will be deploying with differing equipment loadouts and weapons.

For update 0.13 we have worked to have initial early uniforms for all factions which will be revised and improved upon with coming updates. Early war models for the French showcase the famous red and blue uniform with kepi hats with the Adrian helmets not being issued till the middle of the conflict. Improvements were also made to backpacks and webbing allowing the soldiers on the frontline to carry more and be better equipped for the long months on the front.

The German Empire deployed with the iconic gaede and picklehaube helmets in early war, with full helmet and cloth cover alternatives available. The famous M14 tunic with red piping is still to be crafted, but the distinguishing features of the uniform are taking shape.

Each faction has their own differences, with the divisions of the British Empire picking up the Brodie helmet over time as well. In addition to uniform changes factions saw updates to their weapons as well. With the lethality of modern combat demanding better firearms, and the environment demanding reliability rifles such as the Ross Mk III were eventually replaced by the SMLE during the conflict and our new year designations reflect these changes.

Development will continue work to accurately represent the evolution of armies over time with authentic character models present across the years of the Great War. With the new customization and progression system breaking down factions by year this work to introduce early and late war variants will stand the development team in good stead for the updates and expansions ahead.