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Update: 0.14 Released!

December 8, 2021

Welcome Soldiers!

Our December update arrives and while our progression and customization system is still in development we've worked to deliver a major overhaul to team templates in addition to introducing new sub-factions, weapons and game mode changes. Read the full patch notes below.



  • Major overhaul to roles, sections, and faction templates. The weapons, roles, and sections that are available will now be very different depending on which team you are playing and which year of the conflict your current round is set in. https://playbtw.com/team-restructure-blog/
  • All layers were overhauled with new capture points, spawn locations, and capture point dimensions. Some assault layers will have multiple objectives that previously only had a large phase line capture point. Defenders on assault will now generally have spawn points closer to the objective than the attackers.
  • Overtime on assault temporarily disabled until further iterations to overtime can be made (in the future will only trigger when the attacking team has made progress towards capturing their last objective in a sector instead of triggering when they have captured an objective in the current sector)
  • Barbed wire with corpses strewn on them can no longer be cut
  • Engineer/Construction sections are able to place 2 heavy fortifications emplacements instead of 1
  • Rally point overrun (nearby enemies prevent spawning) distance increased from 5m to 15m
  • Rally points can no longer be placed within 30m of capture zones. The intent here is to reduce how chaotic it can get on capture points when both teams have rally points extremely close together, as well as to mitigate the likelihood of having a rally point spawn-camped. The exact value of the distance is subject to change.
  • Firing steps added to the engineer/construction section’s heavy fortification to enable shooting through the firing ports on uneven terrain
  • Unique CEF voice lines added
  • Increased the number of command points that are generated passively on assault game mode from 20 to 30 per minute. The intent here is to enable a defending team to call in off-map support abilities more frequently since they are not receiving command points for capturing objectives.
  • Medic revival time reduced from 5.5 to 3 seconds


  • Many new layers were added to support a wider variety of team templates depending on faction and year.


  • Fixed rally points not being destroyed by some explosive damage types



  • Chasseurs Alpins and Jäger-Battalion characters added


  • Major overhaul to roles, sections, and faction templates. The weapons, roles, and sections that are available will now be very different depending on which team you are playing and which year of the conflict your current round is set in. [Link to devblog]



  • Springfield 1903 iron-sighted variant added to some AEF roles. Bayonet cannot currently be equipped with this weapon.
  • MG 08/15 added. Players carrying this weapon will move much slower than others and will be unable to aim down the sights unless the bipod is deployed.
  • Model 1914, 1915, and 1916 French tear gas grenades were added. Tear gas will distort players' screens caught in the affected area without a gas mask equipped. This is an early-stage implementation, including placeholder animations, and will be further developed in the future.
  • Model 1916 French smoke grenade added. Placeholder animations.
  • M1883 Reichsrevolver added to Jäger and some early war German officer roles



  • Improved collision on corrugated metal asset
  • Fixed issues with smoke column vfx on Poelcappelle layers


  • Fixed issue with muzzle flash VFX apperance
  • Existing camouflage texture added to Stoßtruppen section characters' helmets (placeholder until proper turtle-shell texture is made)


  • Small updates and changes to accommodate larger lists of sections as a result of the team template overhaul

Optimization / General Fixes

  • EAC pak file chunk size fix to fix EAC issues
  • Crash when disconnecting from server fixed

Known issues

  • AMD FX users will have degraded performance due to issues with the audio system. We’re still investigating possible solutions, but here’s a workaround
    • 1. Open following file:


      If the file doesn't exist, create it.
      2. Add following lines at the end:
      [/script/engine.audiosettings] bDisableMasterEQ=True
      [Audio] bDisableMasterEQ=True

  • Bayonet cannot be equipped to Springfield 1903 iron-sighted variant
  • Some of the personal statistics do currently not display the scores correctly
  • Personal awards are not granted correctly
  • Damage radius of field cannons will sometimes cause players to not be killed immediately
  • No. 20 Rifle Grenade uses placeholder sounds
  • Switching Audio quality in the options menu will cause a crash when connected to a server or when playing on the Shooting Range. Please restart the game to prevent that from happening.
  • Infantry section members will see a SL ability icon in the bottom left screen
  • Ansoncourt underground bunkers have lighting issues
  • Deploying LMG bipods on walls while prone can lead to players teleporting under the map
  • Rifle Bayonet Charging may cause rubberbanding and a broken weapon animation
  • Spawn Points do not have a 50 meter limit range limit for frontlines objectives
  • Tear Gas effect can sometimes appear with gas mask