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An Update From The Beyond The Wire Team

Dev Blog
June 9, 2022

Welcome Soldiers,

We know things have been a bit slower on the Beyond The Wire front since we said goodbye to Community Manager Blitz (Link URL). We wanted to take a moment to touch base with you all, and assure you that the BTW team is continuing to work on the game despite a period of intermittent communication.

First off we wanted to talk about the Beyond The Wire development team a bit. Their work continues and they’re focused on it, heads down to ensure they’re making the best game possible. We are working on hiring a new Community Manager to replace Blitz, and started our search before his departure. We are looking for someone experienced in the games industry so that they can best serve both the Beyond The Wire community, as well as the development team - and act as that vital bridge between both.

While we are not quite ready to announce the date for our next update, we are hard at work finalizing v0.16 - which features the Player Customization System, a new flamethrower class for the German faction, and a rebalanced experience system along with other additions. We are looking at an early summer release for v0.16.

Game development is often slow, and certainly always surprises us with new challenges. We understand the urge to know everything right away, but overpromising and under delivering leads to more disappointment than when we take a bit more time before revealing things. We’re aiming to strike a better balance on this front.

Without you, our players, Beyond The Wire would not be the game it currently is. We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on, and are so excited about everything we are working on bringing to the game. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you in the trenches!

  • The Beyond The Wire Team