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Beyond The Wire V1.0 Release Notes!

August 29, 2022

Welcome Soldiers, to 1.0 of Beyond The Wire!

In extra to the new Customization and Melee Blocking Systems that were recently introduced you will be able to provide additional support to infantry units against tanks using the new Armored Autocar for the CEF faction. Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with German and French forces deploying Flamethrowers (now with 35% increased turn speed and adjusted fire propagation damage!) and affect the landscape of the battlefield with the addition of dynamic environmental effects.



  • Introduced the Armoured Autocar to the Canadian Expeditionary Force
  • Increased Flamethrower turning speed by 35%
  • Adjusted fire propagation damage, so players instantly take damage when entering an environment that’s on fire
  • Repositioned phase 4 defender spawns on Zonnebeke assault, so there’s equal distance to objects as the attackers
  • Added restrictions so certain roles and sections only become available once a specific player count is reached. Artillery section now requires 20 players to be created
  • Adjusted the assist score to be based on the amount of damage done to an enemy; instead of a set value
  • Adjusted values for building and completing deployables
  • Grant additional XP for melee kills, and removed XP from being granted for each melee attack.
  • Added additional progression task
  • Removed bipod function MP18
  • Adjusted tank movement while reversing, so it’s more predictable
  • Increased the turning speed of the MarkIV tank
  • Players will no longer earn a support weapon score while using flamethrowers or tank weapons
  • Added additional stats for Attacking/Defending/Capturing objectives

Level Design

  • Added additional colliders to Ansoncourt bunkers, so player won’t fall through the map
  • Adjusted environment on Vimy Ridge to address holes in terrain
  • Updated Cantigny audio sub level


  • Adjusted the French EW backpack so the blanket doesn’t wasn’t so bright
  • Updated the Harlem Hell Fighters meshes to use updated models for the customization and progression system
  • Grant all players access to default cosmetic items for each faction/year/role when loading the game


  • Adjusted available factions in the progression systems
  • Updated tank HUD
  • Added UI to display controls for switching seats, while inside a vehicle
  • Fixed C96 Mauser displaying the incorrect name in match

Optimization / General Fixes


  • Character, material, and texture optimizations to improve performance in game
  • Fixed inconsistent camera animation when interacting with the customization system
  • Fixed issue where role names could be displayed incorrectly in the progression system
  • Resolved issue where AEF M1917 Light Tank wouldn’t spawn on Ansoncourt Assault 1918
  • Stopped players from receiving grenade kills when using the flamethrower
  • Patched server crash related to end of match functions
  • Patched microphone input resetting after two restarts
  • Patched two tank Out of Bound exploits
  • Patched issue where player would become bald and invulnerable to weapons if the HMG or Artillery is destroyed when a player is deployed on it
  • Fixed issue where player meshes would disappear if the admin cam was used
  • Fixed melee kills not increasing from bayonet kills
  • Fixed German 1914 assault role in the customization menu not updating when changing cosmetics
  • Updated customization system so cosmetics will populate correctly for players
  • Patched server crash related to saving cosmetics in the customization system
  • Resolved a game crash related to game initialization process
  • Fixed an issue when completing a progression task caused a error message to be displayed
  • Resolved an infinite ammo exploit related to squad leaders
  • Patched game crash related to taking damage from fires placed around the map
  • Patched client crash related to opening the customization menu
  • Patched client crash related to selecting certain hats in the customization menu
  • Resolved server crash related to killing player with the bayonet
  • Resolved server crash relate selecting a roll while having certain progression task active
  • Resolved server crash related to players walking into fog volumes
  • Implemented additional fixes to address various crashes and bugs reported by the community. Thank to everyone who sent in logs and helped track down these issues!

Known issues

  • AMD FX users will have degraded performance due to issues with the audio system. Workaround: AMD FX users have degraded performance
  • Assault capture areas are not correctly displayed on the minimap
  • Rifle grenades do not cause environmental damage
  • Some weapon/vehicle HUD icons are incorrect
  • Personal awards are not correctly displayed
  • Certain Weapons and Explosives are using placeholder SFX
  • Melee charging may cause rubberbanding and a broken weapon animation
  • Rally Point placement limits aren’t applied in all cases
  • Tear Gas effect can sometimes appear with a gas mask
  • A shooting range for ANZAC team is missing
  • Flamethrower hose appears detached from the tank
  • Bandaging can fail with a delay after crouching