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Beyond The Wire Hotfix 1.0.3 Release Notes

October 26, 2022
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Hey Soldiers,

New Community Manager Gray here! We’re back with another small Hotfix update to address some of the performance issues we’ve been seeing, fix a variety of vehicle/player spawns and environment clipping bugs, and more. Read the full list of changes made in Hotfix 1.0.3 below.

Thank you again to everyone who has continued to share your feedback on Beyond The Wire since our 1.0 launch. We see all of it and we’re hard at work addressing your most frequent requests and concerns.

We’ll have more information to share at a later date on the larger updates we’re currently working on for Beyond The Wire!

Until then, share your feedback in the official BTW Discord and subreddit. Let’s keep the conversation going, and help me help you help Beyond The Wire!

Key Improvements

  • Added ‘Completed’ & ‘Required’ numbers while viewing a task on the progression system menu
  • Improved certain Textures to reduce performance impact
  • Fixed a heavy performance impact of fire propagation on clients. Fire propagation is now re-enabled
  • Lowered the probability of fire propagating to reduce time the fire continues to spread

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the team score received for suppressing enemies with the St. Etienne and A7V mounted MG08 HMG was incorrect
  • Fixed a spawn area assigned to the wrong team on Ansoncourt Assault 1915 GER vs FR layer
  • Fixed issues where vehicles would spawn ‘out of bounds’ on Cantigny Assault and Combles layers
  • Fixed missing vehicle spawns on a Combles Assault, Vimy Ridge Assault, and Zonnebeke Assault layers
  • Fixed multiple incorrect objective names/letters on Vimy Ridge, Sechault, and Combles Assault layers
  • Fixed a variety of minor environment clipping issues on Vimy Ridge and Zonnebeke