What is Beyond The Wire?

Beyond the Wire is a large scale multiplayer first-person shooter immersing players in the frantic and bloody Western Front of the Great War. In battles with up to 100 real-world combatants, players will have to contend with large open maps and tight claustrophobic trenches. Utilizing both period-appropriate guns and a more tactical close-quarters melee combat system, the action in Beyond the Wire is more comprehensive than anything seen in a WW1 game to date.

Soon entering Closed Alpha, Beyond the Wire will have an Early Access release in 2020. Wishlist now for development updates and information about release!

Trench Warfare in a full Theatre of War

It’s muddy, it’s bloody, it’s gruesome. Tight corners, waves of bayonets on all sides, and limited vision - this game shows off Trench Warfare at its worst. Take up the fight with your fellow soldiers-in-arms to defeat the enemy. Battles of up to 100 players in 50 vs 50 combat mean that the action gets tense and the stakes remain high for each team.

Multiple game modes will provide player choice when it comes to how they experience The Great War, and beautifully detailed environments mean that maps provide fully immersive gameplay.

Historical Weaponry Meets Engaging Combat Mechanics

Beyond the Wire features all the classic weapons one would expect in a World War 1 game: rifles, pistols, shotguns and machine guns. The game also features a robust Melee system that adds an extra layer of choice and brutality to the game.

While our weapons were designed with an emphasis on historical accuracy, with minor changes made only when it creates a more engaging and fun gameplay experience. Though Beyond The Wire is not a simulation game, we strive for as much accuracy as possible, still ensuring a fun First Person Shooter experience for a wide range of players.

Play as the American, French or German factions upon Early Access, with more included factions to come. Fight through the unforgiving Battle of Passchendaele, the marshy no-man’s land of the Somme river region and the terrifying trenches of Argonne.