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Update V0.8 Released!

December 16, 2020

Welcome Soldiers!

Our latest update is here and is filled with new content, changes and fixes as we continue to improve everyone's experience Beyond The Wire.  We recently revealed the latest map Cantigny and new Training Range were arriving with this update, but many more changes are also included, with videos, screenshots and full patch notes below!

Cantigny, 1918

Training Range

A new lighting system has been worked on to give more realistic and immersive visuals to all environments.

The placeholder animations for the German and French rifle grenades have been updated.

[video width="3440" height="1440" mp4="https://playbtw.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Update1.mp4"][/video]

[video width="3440" height="1440" mp4="https://playbtw.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Update2.mp4"][/video]



  • Added new map Cantigny
  • Added 4 gameplay layers for Cantigny
  • Added new map Training Range
  • Added interpolation to deviation during ads transitions, making quick-scoping less effective
  • Added option to start shooting range from main menu
  • Added shovel to french recruit kit
  • Disabled melee in enemy territory
  • Disabled rally point sharing
  • Fixed kills not being awarded to commander
  • Fixed not switching back to the correct weapon when equipping or unequipping gas mask
  • Fixed placement of Ammo Box and Trench Shield
  • Fixed players being able to heal and bandage others through walls
  • Fixed section leaders not being able to kick members using kick button
  • Fixed Water Volume not applying slow when traversing two water volumes
  • Increased all ads transitions by 0.1 sec
  • Increased player movement speed to 100% during melee attacks
  • Increased team kill auto-ban threshold from 7 to 15
  • Reduced lifespan of ammo bag from 300 to 30 seconds
  • Reworked Commander Phone to work more reliably
  • Reworked enemy territory functionality
  • Set amount of grenades per bag from 5 to -1 (unlimited)
  • Update ammo crate to resupply player with 1 grenade and 1 magazine every 5 seconds


  • Added custom LODs to all infantry weapons and equipment items
  • Added new LODs and imposters to foliage assets such as trees and bushes
  • Enabled distance field shadows on large Frise foliage assets
  • Fixed collisions on various environment art pieces, such as trenches, to increase rendering performance
  • Fixed non-FX AMD CPUs being forced to use low audio quality settings
  • Fixed incorrect VRAM budget calculation
  • Optimized main menu UI performance
  • Optimized nametag widget reliability
  • Optimized network priority for spawn points
  • Optimized render distance for trench pieces
  • Optimized scoreboard UI performance
  • Optimized Staaken plane asset
  • Optimized weapon information UI widget
  • Optimized barbed wire textures, materials, and static meshes
  • Removed need for restarting game when changing texture setting
  • Removed unnecessary references to unused or outdated assets to reduce RAM consumption
  • Reduced maximum texture size for a variety of placeholder assets
  • Updated field cannon and grenade launcher impact particle effects against metal surfaces
  • Updated grass to only update 3 times per second rather than every frame
  • Updated physics components for the MG08 heavy machine gun
  • Updated physics components of all infantry equipment items


  • Added a notification if a player cannot select a role
  • Added message to UI when receiving a respawn pentalty because SL is too far away
  • Fixed dismount UI not disappearing when emplacements get destroyed
  • Fixed gas mask overlay not showing when player is on an emplaced weapon
  • Fixed leave section button being white and not visible for active section when locked
  • Fixed objective markers being visible in Role Selection Screen on Assault gamemode
  • Fixed rally points not showing on deployment screen unless a section member is close to it
  • Fixed UI font rendering issues
  • Improved emplaced weapons camera functionality
  • Reduced interaction widget delay from 1.5 to 0.7 seconds and give up widget delay from 2.5 to 1.5 seconds
  • Updated loading screen images
  • Updated various UI icons


  • Added 3rd person equip animations for Enfield VB grenade launcher
  • Added new lighting system using real-world exposure values
  • Disabled collisions on new tree assets
  • Fixed dark spots on various foliage assets
  • Fixed floating pistol on deployment screen
  • Fixed Frise layers (including rain weather) not having the correct ambient sound
  • Fixed glowing Character skin on various maps
  • Fixed lighting issues related to cloud shadows
  • Replaced placeholder animations for G98 rifle grenade launcher
  • Replaced placeholder animations for Lebel rifle grenade launcher
  • Updated colour of Adrian helmet for Machinegunner and Grenadier class
  • Updated various textures, materials and particle effects to work with new real-world lighting system
  • Various bug fixes on Ansoncourt
  • Various bug fixes on Frise
  • Various bug fixes on Zonnebeke


  • Added delay before applying wounded sound effects
  • Added First and third person melee swing sound effects
  • Added missing sounds for G98 rifle grenade equip and unequip
  • Added sounds to M1903 Springfield
  • Fixed Viven-Bessières rifle grenades impact sounds
  • Increased max audio channels to 128
  • Updated incoming field cannon shell sounds
  • Updated medium distance grenade explosion sounds

General Fixes

  • Fixed bandage not checking if player is dead before checking team affiliation
  • Fixed gunner being teleported back to emplacement if the emplacement is shoveled down and back up
  • Fixed weapons floating in the air after a player disconnects
  • Fixed floating Chauchat when player is killed
  • Fixed not being able to rebind actions to the H key
  • Fixed a crash where it showed the loading screen when quitting the game
  • Fixed artillery gun not checking collision with tanks
  • Fixed emplacements not being destroyed when a section is being disbanded


  • Added server information to scoreboard for administrators
  • Added Server and Admin messages to be shown on a separate queued message display instead of chat box
  • Added SteelSeries GameSense integration

0.8.5941 Hotfix

  • Fixed game crashing when loading into the Shooting Range from the main menu
  • Fixed sound layer not loading in for Frise Frontlines

We wish everyone in the community a happy holiday as we see out the end of 2020. We're very excited about the next year for Beyond The Wire, we hope you are too! Stay posted, Soldiers!