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Update V0.9 Released!

February 17, 2021

Welcome Soldiers!

After revealing Château-Thierry, our February update is ready to ship! Featuring a brand new map, new weapons, gameplay changes and many fixes and improvements, Update 0.9 is live now!



  • Added Assault and Frontlines layers for our new map, Chateau-Thierry.
  • Added the ability to wind-up a melee attack by pressing & holding LMB, and releasing it by releasing LMB. Does not apply to affixed bayonets.
  • Added deployable duckboards to Rifleman role


  • Improved overall weapon handling
  • Improved pistol weapon handling
  • All spawn points now use a global wave timer, respawning the entire team at the same time. Players who get a spawn penalty will be pushed to the next wave.
  • Reduced Rally Point placement penalty from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Reduced fall damage multiplier from 100 to 50 & Increased safe fall speed from 650 to 750
  • Placement of deployables will now get cancelled when getting wounded or incapacitated
  • Exiting emplaced weapons during a reload will stop the reload animation
  • Rally Points can now be placed when nearby section members are in an emplacement
  • Bayonet attacks will now interrupt rifle bolting


  • Disabled cloth simulation on all windmill assets and disabled animation on damaged versions
  • Reduced terrain resolution on Frise and Ansoncourt
  • Optimized visuals and performance of sandbag assets
  • Optimized grass textures
  • Optimized falling leaves visual effects by converting them to GPU particles
  • Optimized trenches on Zonnebeke
  • Optimized burnt tree assets
  • Optimized Fokker Dr. I assets


  • Fixed Rally Point nearby enemy radius being greater than 5 meters
  • Fixed grenade damage not affecting players if the terrain was slightly blocking the impact point
  • Melee weapons no longer cause damage on the initial wind-up
  • Commander abilities no longer register teamkills
  • Inactive capture zones no longer block Rally Point placement
  • Commander abilities no longer register teamkills
  • Chlorine Gas kills will now be properly attributed to the commander
  • Fixed melee not working on Shooting Range


  • Added RSC Fusil Automatique M1917 to the French Assault role
  • Added Colt-Vickers 1915 to the AEF MG section
  • Added M1882 Officer’s Sabre to all Infantry Section Leader and Commander roles
  • Added Mk1 Trench Knife
  • Added Sharpened Spade melee weapon
  • Added French Nail melee weapon
  • Added M1916 Trench Knife

Note: 75mm field cannon and Hotchkiss 1914 were postponed due to technical issues. Expect them to be released soon.


  • New map: Chateau-Thierry
  • Reworked various areas on Frise
  • Various bugfixes on Shooting Range
  • Various bugfixes on Cantigny
  • Various bugfixes on Ansoncourt
  • Various bugfixes on Zonnebeke


  • Enabled Runtime Virtual Texturing (better blending of objects with terrain)
  • Adjusted character jog animation to stop more smoothly
  • Fixed various environment assets using non-PBR values
  • Improved visuals of wet clothing on rainy maps
  • Improved visuals of various tree assets
  • Improved visuals of various wooden assets
  • Improved visuals of Cheval de Frise assets


  • Updated main menu background
  • Fixed revive screen showing the name of players who were incapacitated while trying to revive
  • Added map icon for Field Phone that appears for commander and signaler
  • Added inventory count for Field Dressings and Sandbags


  • Fixed various server and client crashes
  • Fixed players being able to glitch out of the map boundaries when placing a Rally Point close by
  • Fixed Field Cannon collision disabling the ability to lean
  • Fixed German Ammo Bag not behaving like other ammo bags
  • Fixed Binoculars showing ammo count
  • Updated bayonet attack and charge screaming sounds
  • Fixed equipment and weapon becoming invisible when player is on an emplacement and it’s being dug down

Known Issues

  • Some wooden assets may have red textures
  • Ground textures show black dots / artifacts
  • Switching Audio quality in the options menu will cause a crash. Please restart the game to prevent that from happening.