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Beyond The Wire Video Guides by Karmakut

Community News
December 21, 2020

Welcome Soldiers!

We have recently joined up with our Official Partner Karmakut to do a three-part video tutorial series for Beyond The Wire, of which the third and final episode released last week. With our recently released Shooting Range being the first release of our tutorial features, we recognise the lack of guidance and general tips for new players joining the game. This tutorial series is aimed at beginners and veterans alike and covers all aspects, from starting the game to becoming a successful section leader. If you're new to the game, want to improve your skills or just have a general interest in BTW content, we highly recommend watching the full in-depth guide over on Karmakut's YouTube channel.

Karmakut's Beyond The Wire Guide

1. How to play Beyond the wire

2. How to use advanced weapon systems Beyond the Wire

3. Top Section Leader tips in Beyond The Wire

Community Content

We also want to recognize the continued effort by our community to help new players get to grips with the game's mechanics and unique features. Whether it's watching other guides on YouTube, reading how-to's on Steam or getting useful tips from other community members on our Discord or in-game, we know that new players heading out Beyond The Wire for the first time can expect a warm, welcoming and helpful Beyond The Wire community.

Our thanks, Soldiers, we'll see you in the trenches!