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Introducing our new Community Manager!

Community News
October 11, 2022

Allow myself to introduce, myself.

Hey Beyond The Wire Community!

I’m Gray (username: OWI_Gray), and I’m taking up the mantle of Community Manager for Beyond The Wire! I’ve been lurking in the trenches of the Discord, the subreddit, the forums, and in BTW matches for just over a month now getting the lay of the land. For three years, Blitz did an incredible job at being an ambassador for this community, and I will be doing my best to fill their shoes!

I have two years of community management experience in the games industry. Prior to this exciting new gig at OWI, I worked for an agency on well over 10+ titles as a community manager. I’m passionate about games, but even more passionate about the communities of people that play them. In my spare time I watch anime, try to catch up on my overwhelming Steam backlog of games, hit the gym, and watch as much hockey as humanly possible.

I have a player-first philosophy and will champion your voices and your feedback to the best of my ability, in order to help this community grow and ensure you all feel that you’re being heard.

Beyond The Wire is a great core WW1-sim experience with a passionate player base (that’s you!), that just needs a little jumpstart. I’m confident that with our dev team’s ongoing efforts and your drive and dedication to the game, that we can get Beyond The Wire to a place we all believe it can reach.

See you all on the battlefield.
- Gray out.