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Update: Operation Two Release

Community News
March 26, 2021

Welcome Soldiers!

We have a quick article to update you on the status of our second Operation, For King and Country, which is expected to release at the end of this first quarter of the year. After reviewing our position we have made a decision to delay the release of Operation Two by a couple of weeks. We are rearranging some efforts to ensure the best release possible, taking an extra two weeks to thoroughly test the new content and engage additional marketing efforts for the update.  With this additional time, we can take the time needed to ensure the readiness of this build as we release in mid-April. We're obviously disappointed not to hit the Q1 target, but with For King and Country being our first major content expansion it needs to be up to the standards we've set up to now.

We still have a batch of reveal articles ready to share so stay posted for announcements on our Fields of Battle and Faction Reveal pieces! While you're waiting on that detail, we have been given the approval to share the first footage from the on-going shelling of Sechault, Meuse-Argonne.