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January 19, 2022
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Welcome Soldiers!

We wanted to send out a news post after recent efforts by members of the community to produce some new, up-to-date tutorials for Beyond The Wire that can go a long way in helping new players and veterans get a better understanding of the game. It’s been a bit of time since our first endeavour to have tutorials for the community with our sponsored series from Karmakut, and the game has progressed to a point where updated versions were needed.

In the recent weeks there have been new videos released by members of our community which look to help new players and ambitious leaders looking to improve their impact on the battlefield. While we are intending to have official guides and tutorials within the game at some point in the future we thought we could highlight these community videos and share them. Catch the tutorials below!

The first tutorial that was recently released was this helpful video for Section Leaders. Covering all the basics that Section Leaders need to succeed, Elevator has done a fantastic job of compressing down the important tips into a digestible video. If you're looking to get started as a Section Leader this video is a great starting point!

Another helpful video for Section Leaders has been produced as part of a series of tutorials by Viper. This Section Leader guide includes general gameplay tips and tricks for aspiring leader's looking to lead a section into battle. The chapters in this video cover all aspects from commands, communication, spawn points and commander support requests to give a complete guide to help both aspiring and experienced leaders. If you're looking to take the step-up to Command and lead your team to victory then the second video from Viper will will give new commanders the information they need to get started. From breaking down the CP cost of call-ins to how to interact with the command menu, this tutorial will be a great starting point for players wanting to have a major impact on their teams success. Finally, and perhaps most importantly is the 2022 New Player Guide. Breaking down the fundamentals of Beyond The Wire, this extensive guide will help new players get to grips with all of the mechanics and aspects of gameplay. Walking through deployment, game modes, inventory and communication and more, this tutorial covers every core part of the game that will give new players an important introduction to the main features of the game. Even if you're an old timer - we suggest checking out the video as there may be some tips and tricks you find useful. Great work Viper! We're grateful that the community has shown initiative in helping new players by creating these tutorials and guides which help fill the gap until the in-game tutorial is ready so make sure to show support to these channeStay posted for upcoming news on development as we pick up steam after the winter holiday. See you in the trenches!