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Updated Beyond The Wire Roadmap

Community News
July 18, 2022

Hello Soldiers,

The last time we spoke (LINK URL) we had set ourselves the goal of releasing an update early this summer that brought the Player Customization System, a new flamethrower class for the German faction, and a rebalanced experience system along with other additions to Beyond The Wire. Unfortunately technical issues have caused us to push this content back to the full 1.0 release later this summer.

However we wanted to ensure you stayed informed of our goals with Beyond The Wire, and updated on the work that we are doing. Thus today we are rolling out an updated public roadmap, highlighting our goals for Beyond The Wire’s 1.0 release!

You will see several changes to the 1.0 release on this roadmap.

Work on the new factions, as well as the Customization System was disrupted when our Ukraine based outsourcing studio shut down and converted to a humanitarian aid camp at the start of the Russian invasion of the country. We have spent the intervening period of time working to mitigate the effects of this on Beyond The Wire and then to find new items to add to 1.0 that we could accomplish on our own.

All of the new items added to the roadmap are exciting features that we think will make Beyond The Wire a better game! We continue to look forward to our 1.0 release, and are hard at work to ensure it’s the best game that it can be. While all of us wanted to see the original list of features in the game, as much as you did, it’s simply not possible at this point for us to deliver them.

We are continually grateful for the support that you have given us! As players, as backers, and as fans, your passion for Beyond The Wire drives the team and makes it one of the best projects in gaming to work on! We are all passionate about delivering the best possible version of Beyond The Wire this fall with our 1.0 release. We know you’re passionate about the game, and vocal about the future of the project. We appreciate this passion and enthusiasm, and are working hard to live up to the love you have for the game!

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you in the trenches!

  • The Beyond The Wire Team