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Hotfix: V0.7.5266 released

October 23, 2020

Welcome Soldiers!

We hope you're enjoying Beyond The Wire so far! The feedback and bug reporting from the community have been a massive help in tracking down these issues and work towards fixes. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we're gathering this feedback and working through critical and game-breaking issues.

In our first post-release hotfix we've addressed issues regarding Simplified Chinese localization, game crashes, Windows 7 players crashing during loading screens, texture quality issues and more! See the full changelog below:

  • Fixed Simplified Chinese localization not rendering correctly due to misconfiguration of the fallback font
  • Fixed game sometimes crashing when interacting with emplaced weapons
  • Fixed game sometimes crashing when entering an emplaced weapon
  • Fixed game sometimes crashing when equipping the Gas Mask
  • Fixed game sometimes crashing when spawning limbs after player model gets dismembered
  • Fixed team damage not being disabled during preparation phase on Frontlines
  • Fixed skybox loading additional high-resolution textures
  • Fixed landscape textures not loading lower resolution variants
  • Fixed Frise ground textures not looking wet on Frise Assault v2
  • Disabled loading screen videos for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users due to outdated codecs causing a crash
  • Increased connection timeout when joining a server to 7 minutes to help players with slower connections and hard drive

Please keep reporting your issues and problems so we can help deliver the best experience for players.

Stay posted, Soldiers!