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Update: 1.1 Released!

December 5, 2022
Update 1.1 release notes Steam cover image

Welcome back soldiers!

The addition of bots has been the most highly requested feature from our community. It's taken some time, but the wait is finally over! Bots are now live in Beyond The Wire! This update also includes the long-awaited Passchendaele map and five new layers to go along with it.



Bot Behaviours:

  • Bots cannot be controlled or guided by players.
  • Bots cannot create sections, but will attempt to spawn with all available roles. They will not block players from accessing said roles.
  • Bots will not spawn with 'universal roles' (Tank roles, Flamethrower, etc.).
  • Bots will capture active objectives during the respective game mode.
  • Bots will cut barbed wire in their path.
  • Bots will engage enemies using their primary weapon and switch to secondary weapons (if available) once their ammo is empty.
  • Bots will switch to melee once they have no ammunition available on their firearms.
  • Bots will bandage to stop their bleeding.
  • Bots will attempt to defend their captured objectives.
  • Bots will wear a gas mask within tear gas and chlorine gas to avoid being damaged.
  • During Assault, the defending team's bots will move towards the objectives during the match preparation phase.
  • During Frontlines, both teams' bots will move towards the objectives during the match preparation phase.
  • Bots will attempt to fall back from enemy sectors when the sector flipped from neutral to enemy controlled.
  • Bots will attempt to shoot HMG and Field Artillery crews, as well as vehicle operators and gunners.
  • Bots cannot enter/use HMG, artillery, or vehicles.
  • Bots can be revived by players. If nobody revives them, they will give up about halfway before their bleed out timer expires.
  • Bots cannot revive players or other bots.

For server owners:

  • The amount of bots can be configured by the server owner in two ways:

    1. In the Console, type: AdminSetBots
    2. In the Server.cfg file, type: BotsLimit=

  • The console command amount is overwritten by the server config file on loading of each new layer.

  • The max amount of bots allowed in a server is 99

  • Bots will replace players up to the defined amount. If 10 bots are configured and 5 players are present, 5 bots and 5 players will be spawned.

  • Bots will consider team balancing. Example: If one team has 6 players and the opposing team has 4 players, bots will switch to the opposing team until the player amount is even.



  • Passchendaele Assault 1915 GER vs CEF
  • Passchendaele Assault 1917 ANZ vs GER
  • Passchendaele Assault 1917 CEF vs GER
  • Passchendaele Firefight 1917 CEF vs GER
  • Passchendaele Frontlines 1917 BEF vs GER

We hope the addition of bots will bring new life to Beyond The Wire and improve the overall experience for players! We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this update on Discord, Steam, and social media.

Thank you again to everyone who has been patiently waiting for this update, as well as any players who may be coming back to the game after a long hiatus. We appreciate all of your support!

See you in the trenches 🪖