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Development Update: Frontlines

Dev Blog
March 12, 2021

Welcome Soldiers!

For this development update, we’ll be detailing the changes coming to the Frontlines game mode with the next update. This is part of the refactoring of our game modes, with Frontlines going through a complete overhaul ready for Operation Two, and Assault receiving an update a little later down the line.

Currently, the game mode is broken up into a number of timed phases. During each phase, a sector of territory with multiple small capture points is contested, and the team that controls the majority of the capture points at the end of the time will win the phase. With this not delivering the gameplay we are aiming for, the new version of Frontlines will play out differently.

Timelapse of the new system.

Frontlines will now be made up of sector’s that contain an odd number of capture points. Teams must capture the objectives to gain victory points, which are earned when a team controls the majority of the capture points within a sector A phase concludes when a team reaches the required threshold of victory points, at which point they gain control of the contested sector, and the adjacent sector belonging to the opposing team becomes neutral.

Score HUD widget shows each teams victory points, the number of phases won and the objectives held in the current phase.

After a phase is concluded, there will be a timed delay (duration still to be finalised) where the next set of capture points will not be visible on the minimap or UI for either team, in order to give the advancing team a chance to get a foothold in the subsequent sector as the defenders could easily fall back and gain a large advantage otherwise

Note: Frontlines will be tested and the new system modified based on feedback. Some details are subject to change.

Note 2: The number of capture points scales depending on how many players are in the server at the time a phase begins

Victory Conditions

  1. If one team wins 3 phases, that team wins
  2. If one team captures the enemy’s last sector, that team wins
  3. If the time limit for the round runs out, the team with the most sectors wins
    1. If both teams own an equal number of sectors, the team with the most victory points in the current phase wins
    2. If both teams have an equal amount of victory points, the team with the most capture points in their control wins
    3. If both teams have an equal amount of capture points in their control, the game ends in a draw

We're excited to see the communities feedback when these changes arrive, and you can expect an additional article in the near future detailing the changes coming to Assault. In the meantime, stay posted Soldiers!