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Development Recap: June

Dev Blog
July 7, 2021
BTW_Steam_Header_Image June

Welcome Soldiers!

The latest edition of our development recaps is due and we have lots of development progress to share. While work has continued on various aspects of Operation III some short term projects have also been on-going, with this month’s recap showcasing the progress being made on the project in June.

Canadian Expeditionary Force

The CEF character models are close to completion now with the recently finished haversack tying the Canadian uniform together. Loaded with the equipment needed for expeditions Beyond The Wire, the CEF will be well prepared for the conflict on the Western Front.

Vimy Ridge

Set dressing for this new map is well underway, with the field of battle starting to gather a striking atmosphere. Trench linings, fallen soldiers and burning tree assets have been added to the level making a visible difference to the map.

Vieil Armand

The second map arriving with Operation III features a snowy, mountainous stronghold which will provide a unique experience. With a brand new biome featuring new weather types, this rocky environment will be a welcome addition to map rotation.


With Vieil Armand sitting atop a mountain the team have been testing a new snow texture which is shown here being blended into the environment. With this being the first introduction of a snowy environment we’re excited to see players fight for this intimidating fort.

Updated Uniform Material

Aiming for more realistic cloth shaders to increase the visual fidelity of characters, our art team have worked to implement new master material for cloth uniform and equipment pieces.


There's a host of weapons that have been worked on in preparation for future releases with weapons for both the Entente and Central Powers expected. Check out the new firearms and melee weapons at various stages of completion below!

Enfield Mk.II Revolver

British Pattern 1908 Cavalry Sword

German 1873 artillery saber

Trench Morningstar

Karabiner 98 AZ

M1918 BAR


Jam Tin Grenade

As always stay posted for the next months progress and get ready for some exciting blogs that are on the way. See you in the trenches Soldier!