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Update: V0.13 Released!

November 3, 2021

Welcome Soldiers!

After many hours of development, investigation and testing our latest expansion is ready for release! Operation III: Canada’s 100 Days will introduce new factions and fields of battle for them to fight over. Building on the character equipment of the BEF, the CEF brings new additional, unique weaponry.

This content expansion will include 2 new maps with additional gameplay layers to existing maps.



  • Added new suppression system
  • Added music to the deployment screen
  • Added commander telephones to all spawn points
  • Added new scoring system (work in progress)
    • Individual Player Score
      • Objective Score
        • Objective Captures
        • Objective Defense
        • Objective Offense
      • Teamplay Score
        • Ability Score
        • Ammo supplied
        • Revives
        • Healing
        • Construction
        • Section Cohesion
      • Combat Score
        • Incapacitations
        • Kills
        • Deaths
        • Kill/Death Ratio
        • Longest Shot
        • Headshots
        • Longest Kill Streak
        • Melee Kills
        • Melee Blocks
        • Support Weapon Kills
        • Grenade Kills
    • Section Score
      • Section Cohesion
      • Objective Captures
      • Objective Defenses


  • Assault
    • Added auto scaling capture point sizes to assault capture points
    • Reduced the amount of main spawn groups on most assault layers from 2 to 1
    • Increased the distance between spawn groups and the active capture point on assault layers to roughly 200m
    • Adjusted assault game mode times for new capture points
    • Reduced capture points on most Assault layers to one
    • Reduced staging phase time on assault from 180 seconds to 120 seconds
    • Added automatic spawn point selection (should default to section leader or rally if available, main spawn group if not)
  • Adjusted commander’s off-map support ability costs:
    • Artillery 150 to 250
    • Chlorine Gas 125 to 120
    • Smoke 100 to 80
  • Added Karabiner 98 AZ to Rifleman 02 role for German Empire
  • Added RSC 1917 to Rifleman 02 role for French Republic (Late War)
  • Added spawn auto-selection system in Firefight
  • Adjusted assault game mode times for new capture points
  • Adjusted SL kit unlock order, first SL kit variant is a revolver, second SL kit variant (unlocked at 3 players in section) is a semi-auto pistol (or revolver with extra grenade depending on faction), third SL kit variant (unlocked at 6 players in section) is bolt-action rifle
  • Adjusted unlock requirements for assault & grenadier - melee assault available with 3 player in section, alternate assault kit available with 6 players in section - grenadier role available with 6 players in section (down from 8)
  • Disabled weapon overheating for heavy machine guns. It never triggered but was running in the background.
  • Enabled the option to bolt during a sprint
  • Increased exhausted penalty modifier from 0.75 to 0.85 (reduces the severity of being exhausted)
  • Increased global horizontal sway from .25 to .65
  • Increased global vertical sway from .25 to .45
  • Increased ground friction from 3 to 8
  • Increased hurt stamina regen rate from 8 to 10
  • Increased max walk speed crouch from 180 to 200
  • Increased max walk speed prone from 88 to 100
  • Increased stamina drain from focus aim from 16 to 27.5
  • Increased visibility of muzzle flashes
  • Reduced the amount of Command Points that are given for objective capture on Frontlines and Firefight
  • Reduced damage multiplier on upper arm and upper thigh body parts from 1.0 to 0.9 to mitigate the number of one-hit kills
  • Removed camera rotation while leaning
  • Reduced max walk speed from 323 to 300 for all roles except:
    • Light Machinegunner role max walk speed reduced to 280
    • Assault role max walk speed unchanged at 323
  • Reduced stamina penalty for sprinting in all stances from 16 to 14
  • Removed firearms from Assault 01 role
  • Removed Signaller role phone deployable, updated role text for Signaller and commander role
  • Replaced frag grenades with smoke grenades on Rifleman kits
  • Unified the naming convention of engineer detachment to be Engineer, Sapper, and Engineer Officer


  • Fixed HMG triggering suppression on friendly soldiers
  • Fixed being able to bolt a manual weapon while using a bayonet
  • Fixed melee from hitting unintended collision objects
  • Fixed iron sights not being lined up correctly for emplaced machine guns
  • Fixed section leader spawn not being created if the leader is alive when the section is created
  • Fix Commander Telephones from disappearing when a player creates/leaves a section



  • Added Early and Late War variants of Canadian Expeditionary Forces
  • Added Early War variant for German Empire, British Expeditionary Force, French Republic
  • Added the first iteration of Jäger Regiment (available on Vieil Armand)
  • Updated various character models to include new equipment pieces for added variation and authenticity


  • Added voice lines for section leader orders and call outs to all factions
  • Added situational voice lines, like throwing grenades or putting on a gas mask to all factions
  • Unified faction acronyms across gameplay layers AEF, BEF, CEF, HHF, GER, FR



  • 2nd Model Hand Ejector
  • BAR M1918
  • Berthier 1907/15
  • Hotchkiss 1914
  • Karabiner 98 AZ
  • M1895 “Potato Digger”
  • Modele 1897 75mm cannon
  • MP-18
  • Ross Rifle Mk. III
  • Ross Rifle Mk. III Sniper Variant


  • Added interpolated / smooth motion for emplaced weapons when not aiming down sights
  • Added slight deviation to ADS with LMGs
  • Adjusted bipod rotation to no longer allow players to hover over the ground
  • Adjusted bipod values so they are easier to deploy on uneven terrain
  • Improved Enfield 1917 animations
  • Improved Feldkanone 96 animations
  • Improved Lange Pistole 08 ADS fire animation
  • Improved line of sight offset for all rifles
  • Improved Madsen M1905 animations
  • Improved MG 08 animations
  • Improved QF-13 animations
  • Improved Vickers 1915 animations
  • Improved Vickers Mk I animations
  • Increased bolting animation speed for Lebel 1886 APX by 15% to bring it to the same standard as other weapons
  • Increased damage of M1916 Karabinergranate
  • Reduced hip fire deviation on Lange P08
  • Reduced recoil for Colt 1911
  • Reduced recoil for Lange Pistole 08
  • Reduced recoil for Pistole 08
  • Removed ADS zoom from light machine guns
  • Removed line of sight offset for equipable items, pistols and grenades


  • Fixed 1911 hammer position during reload dry animation
  • Fixed Barbed Wire being destroyed by anything other than wire cutter
  • Fixed exit point of Vickers 1915 HMG being on top of the roof
  • Fixed grenade launcher projectiles doing direct impact damage
  • Fixed issue with overly bright Lewis muzzle particle effects
  • Fixed Lebel VB not playing any reload sounds
  • Fixed MG08 collision blocking leaning
  • Fixed Pistole 08 normal not having equip / unequip sounds
  • Fixed QF13 collision not rotating with gun
  • Fixed SMLE Mk. III dry firing sound missing
  • Fixed SMLE Mk. III reload dry duration
  • Fixed swing animation not being visible when an equipping melee and attacking



  • Added Vimy Ridge, Arras
  • Added Vieil Armand, Vosges


  • Updated Gameplay layers
    • Ansoncourt Assault 1915 GER vs FR
    • Ansoncourt Assault 1918 AEF vs GER
    • Ansoncourt Firefight 1918 AEF vs GER
    • Ansoncourt Frontlines 1915 FR vs GER
    • Ansoncourt Frontlines 1918 AEF vs GER
    • Cantigny Assault 1918 AEF vs GER
    • Cantigny Assault 1918 GER vs FR
    • Cantigny Frontlines 1918 AEF vs GER
    • Cantigny Frontlines 1918 FR vs GER
    • Chateau-Thierry Assault 1918 AEF vs GER
    • Chateau-Thierry Assault 1918 GER vs FR
    • Chateau-Thierry Frontlines 1918 AEF vs GER
    • Chateau-Thierry Frontlines 1918 FR vs GER
    • Combles Assault 1914 FR vs GER
    • Combles Assault 1916 BEF vs GER
    • Combles Frontlines 1914 FR vs GER
    • Combles Frontlines 1916 BEF vs GER
    • Frise Assault 1916 FR vs GER
    • Frise Assault 1918 BEF vs GER
    • Frise Firefight 1916 FR vs GER
    • Frise Frontlines 1916 FR vs GER
    • Frise Frontlines 1918 BEF vs GER
    • Poelcappelle Assault 1914 FR vs GER
    • Poelcappelle Assault 1915 CEF vs GER
    • Poelcappelle Assault 1917 BEF vs GER
    • Poelcappelle Firefight 1917 BEF vs GER
    • Poelcappelle Frontlines 1914 FR vs GER
    • Poelcappelle Frontlines 1917 BEF vs GER
    • Sechault Assault 1915 GER vs FR
    • Sechault Assault 1918 HHF vs GER
    • Sechault Firefight 1918 HHF vs GER
    • Sechault Frontlines 1915 FR vs GER
    • Sechault Frontlines 1918 HHF vs GER
    • Vieil Armand Assault 1915 FR vs GER
    • Vieil Armand Assault 1915 GER vs FR
    • Vieil Armand Firefight 1915 FR vs GER
    • Vieil Armand Frontlines 1915 FR vs GER
    • Vimy Ridge Assault 1914 GER vs FR
    • Vimy Ridge Assault 1915 FR vs GER
    • Vimy Ridge Assault 1917 CEF vs GER
    • Vimy Ridge Firefight 1917 CEF vs GER
    • Vimy Ridge Frontlines 1914 FR vs GER
    • Vimy Ridge Frontlines 1917 CEF vs GER
    • Zonnebeke Assault 1914 FR vs GER
    • Zonnebeke Assault 1914 GER vs FR
    • Zonnebeke Assault 1915 BEF vs GER
    • Zonnebeke Assault 1915 CEF vs GER
    • Zonnebeke Assault 1915 GER vs CEF
    • Zonnebeke Frontlines 1914 FR vs GER
    • Zonnebeke Frontlines 1915 BEF vs GER
    • Zonnebeke Frontlines 1915 CEF vs GER
  • Ansoncourt
    • Reworked various gameplay spaces and points of interest across the map
    • Added new minimap for Ansoncourt
    • Added more lights to Ansoncourt night layer
    • Fixed flare not being synchronized across players
    • Fixed mesh sticking out of the ground at C3-8-3
    • Fixed a bunker poking through the terrain
    • Fixed fire not dealing damage in Ansoncourt
    • Update surrounding terrain for Ansoncourt
    • Updated lighting and reflection values
    • Updated Ansoncourt foliage draw distance
  • Cantigny
    • Various fixes
  • Chateau-Thierry
    • Decreased size of decals on Chateau-Thierry
  • Combles
    • Reworked various gameplay spaces and points of interest across the map
    • Recalibrated night lighting so exposure values are more consistent with other lighting scenarios
    • Removed a section of the cover that was under the terrain
    • Fixed floating trees at C2-2-8
  • Frise
    • Reworked various gameplay spaces and points of interest across the map
  • Poelcapelle
    • Fixing black and white flickering on distant smoke columns
    • Various fixes
  • Sechault
    • Fixed floaters and gaps
    • Fixed floating trenches
  • Shooting Range
    • Renamed Shooting Ranges to properly display the name of the map on the HUD
    • Fixed decal sizes on shooting range
  • Zonnebeke
    • Added a crate to the bell portion of the church to prevent players from entering
    • Fixed exposed edge of a water plane at C3-7-5
    • Fixed terrain clipping into a bunker
    • Fixed wooden blockade under the terrain at C3-1-1
    • Reworked various gameplay spaces and points of interest across the map


  • Fixed sounds not playing when hitting certain types of trenches
  • Color corrected face dirt texture
  • Improved character equipment shader
  • Updated farm cart models in some levels
  • Reduced left hand glitching when interrupting sprint during a reload


  • Added a reload progress bar
  • Added new in-game scoreboard
  • Added new main menu
  • Added new multiplayer screen
  • Added new server browser
  • Added new training selection UI
  • Added sound effect when reload is complete
  • Add notification for when the max deployable limit is reached
  • Fixed not being able to right click on capture points on deployment map
  • Fixed section headings on spawn screen being incorrect after changing teams
  • Increased visibility of WIP message on HUD
  • Updated faction emblems
  • Updated nearby medic UI indicator

Optimization / General Fixes

  • Added double-sided collisions to trench pieces with corrugated metal
  • Fix Deployment Screen not showing the correct flag and not randomizing recruit soldier
  • Fixed a crash in spawn system related to players disconnecting while waiting to spawn
  • Fixed bridge material having no impact sound or particle effects
  • Fixed Commander Telephone receiving landscape decals
  • Fixed crash related to player ID not being registered correctly
  • Fixed crash related to ragdoll system
  • Fixed crash related to reloading misconfigured weapons
  • Fixed crash related to the VOIP system
  • Fix Deployment Screen from showing incorrect flag and kit when leaving section while spawned
  • Fixed desync for some weapon's equip animations
  • Fixed desync of melee damage traces between different clients
  • Fixed heavy fortification and sandbags showing as being built after joining a match in progress
  • Fixed issue with Respawn from the console causing a crash
  • Fixed missing physmat assignment in landscape layers and trench material
  • Fixed mud puddles having no impact sound or particle effects
  • Fixed M_WeaponMaster material not having metal physmat
  • Fixed narrow collision of bunker stairs asset
  • Fixed oversized collision on some tree assets causing collision issues
  • Fixed PhysMat_DryMudWall not producing hit effects
  • Fixed Physmat_Fabric using wood VFX when shot with rifle grenades
  • Fixed PhysMat_Head_Flesh absorbing rifle grenades
  • Fixed PhysMat_MetalHelmet absorbing rifle grenades
  • Fixed PhysMat_WoodNoPenetration hiding rifle grenade explosions
  • Fixed players being teleported up when emplaced weapons take damage
  • Fixed players not seeing other players' bipods being deployed
  • Fixed some deployables to use only one deployable state mesh instead of multiple single pieces
  • Fixed some emplacements not being damageable when in the unbuilt state
  • Fixed terrain texture issues on low-quality settings
  • Fixed weather system causing log error
  • Fixes to missing physmats on barrels and tree assets
  • Fix server default map is set to an invalid path causing a server crash
  • Improved collision on tunnel pieces
  • Improved collisions on bed props
  • Improved deployment screen performance
  • Improved LODs for rifle bayonets
  • Improved LODs for rifle SMLE MK III
  • Improved LODs for weapon animations
  • Improved shadow configurations for equipped items and weapons
  • Increased the height above the landscape at which the deployment menu spawns
  • Optimized birch tree LOD and impostors to counter overdraw in Ansoncourt
  • Optimized simplified collisions for windmill & damaged version
  • Potential fix for commander radio disappearing after using call-in
  • Reduced triangle count of some debris assets
  • Reduce puddle footstep volume to be more in line with the rest of the footstep sounds
  • Removed unnecessary character textures

Known issues

  • AMD FX users will have degraded performance due to issues with the audio system. We’re still investigating possible solutions, but here’s a workaround
    • 1. Open following file:


      If the file doesn't exist, create it.
      2. Add following lines at the end:
      [/script/engine.audiosettings] bDisableMasterEQ=True
      [Audio] bDisableMasterEQ=True

  • Combat Record / Personal statistics do currently not display the scores correctly
  • Personal awards are not granted correctly
  • Damage radius of field cannons will sometimes cause players to not be killed immediately
  • Some surfaces do not show impact effects. Damage should still apply
  • No. 20 Rifle Grenade uses placeholder sounds
  • Switching Audio quality in the options menu will cause a crash when connected to a server or when playing on the Shooting Range. Please restart the game to prevent that from happening.
  • VOIP widget role icon is not being displayed correctly
  • Infantry section members will see a SL ability icon in the bottom left screen
  • M1895 “Potato Digger” is called M1985 “Potato Digger”
  • Shooting Range for CEF vs GER loads HHF vs GER instead
  • Ansoncourt underground bunkers have lighting issues
  • Deploying LMG bipods on walls while prone can lead to players teleporting under the map