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Update: V0.16 Released!

August 16, 2022
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Welcome Soldiers!

Our brand new update has released and is now available to download on steam! With 0.16 adapt to the ever changing battlefield with the introduction of the Customization and Progression system. Personalize your soldier with over 450+ newly available cosmetic items. Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with German and French forces deploying Flamethrowers. Effect the landscape of the battlefield with the addition of dynamic environmental effects. Engage in close quarters combat and defend your teammates with the new Melee Blocking System. Check out the full patch notes below!



  • Progression System: Complete strategic objectives on the battlefield to unlock unique items to customize your soldier
  • Environmental Effects: Damage and destroy foliage with flamethrowers, explosives, artillery strikes. Flames from flamethrower have a chance to spread to nearby leaves, grass, and bushes. Crawling through mud and being near explosions will cause dirt to attach to player's uniform and weapons
  • Reworked the XP gathering rate, and adjusted the prices for Universal Roles
  • Introduced “Flamethrower Role” to the German and French Faction
  • Iterated on melee blocking system to now ‘stun’ a player who is successfully blocked in melee combat, providing an advantage to the defender
  • Added ability to destroy window glass
  • Adjusted the distance of Château-Thierry frontline spawn points so they’re similar from each objective on both teams.
  • Stopped “Longest Kill Streak” from contributing to players Combat Score
  • Implement Picture-In-Picture Scopes for all sniper rifles
  • Made available spawns be re-selected automatically
  • Added camouflage netting to machine gun & fortification emplacements to improve occupants' survivability
  • Poison gas now uses volumetric gas volumes

Level Design

  • Complete level overhaul for Zonnebeke, Séchault, and Frise. With additional level revisions for Combles and Poelcappelle
  • Adjusted minimaps to reflect level changes
  • Vimy Ridge: Added vehicle spawns to CEF vs GER assault layers
  • Vimy Ridge: Fixed issue where climbing some hills would cause players to get stuck behind collision
  • Vimy Ridge: Fixed players being able to glitch ontop of tunnels and shoot through walls
  • Combles: Fixed GER vehicle spawnpoint in last sector from being Out of Bounds
  • Frise: Fixed middle sector from being enterable during round preparation on Frontline
  • Polecappelle: stopped HQ spawn being available in sector 3 during Frontline
  • Zonnebeke: Adjust water near trenches
  • Séchault: Fixed HQ spawns only being available during their last defending sector for frontline
  • Reworked Underground Bunkers
  • Reworked damaged farmhouse buildings


  • Implemented 450+ cosmetic items that can be unlocked through the progression system
  • Darkened German uniforms to be more historically accurate
  • Improved 3rd Person clothing textures
  • Adjusted position of the Leather Jenkin
  • Adjusted offset of the tunic and the officer jacket
  • Added medical & signaler arm band to the ANZAC roles
  • Added the Officer Saber and Bayonet to ANZAC roles
  • Adjusted clearance of the leather bandoleer
  • Adjusted offset of the Greatcoat
  • Improved bloodied textures on soldier limbs


  • Fixed the Winchester 1897 texture
  • Added Faction and Year to team info
  • Display a warning when trying to claim tank and the team’s tank limit has been reached

Optimization / General Fixes


  • Patched server crash related to using ‘AdminEndMatch’ or ‘AdminChangeMap’ while on certain layers
  • Patched server crash related to operators leaving HMG or Field Artillery section, while operating respective emplacements
  • Patched server crash when attempting to leave a section, while being spawned in as that section
  • Patched Windmill collision exploit
  • Resolved artillery projectile issues when firing only a few meters away from operator’s own emplacement
  • Stopped players from receiving full ammo while alive and being promoted to Section Leader
  • Fixed both teams not having forward spawns on Vimy Ridge during Frontline
  • Fixed both teams not having forward spawns on Zonnebeke during Frontline
  • Can’t enter seat 2 without a crewman role message being shown for seat 2 of the Renault FT while not using the Field Artillery SL/ Crewman roles
  • Number of shots remaining not displayed for the Mauser Tankgewehr 1918
  • Added additional vehicle spawn points to prevent them from spawning on top of each other.
  • Adjusted lighting for team selection screen on Zonnebeke night layers for better visibility
  • Updated “NEWS FROM THE FRONT” Section
  • Adjusted minimap for defending team on Assault, so it appears blue
  • Players not receiving warnings and remain able to use weapons when out of bounds in enemy sectors
  • Infantry receiving the wrong countdown warning when entering enemy sectors early
  • Fixed MP18 unexpectedly not firing after reload
  • Choosing a new equipment loadout after starting a match, would occasionally default to the first equipment loadout
  • Patched issue on Sechault where players would occasionally be teleported in they’re in the underground tunnel
  • Stopped tanks from leaving collision behind at spawn point
  • AEF Automatic Rifle section missing an automatic rifle role
  • Implemented several fixes to improve client stability and resolve multiple reported client crashes
  • Patched players from receiving XP for other players healing themselves
  • Fixed German team defaulting to the A7V Tank instead of the Officer Role
  • Tanks were blocked from driving. Press SHIFT+SPACE to unlock breaks
  • Patched tanks from being visible on minimap and enterable by both teams when unmanned
  • Fixed players from claiming a tank by entering a tank that’s in use
  • Player deaths not being counted when dying to environmental damage
  • Stopped “Assist” from counting on the scoreboard before all conditions are met
  • Fixed “Melee Kills” being added to players personal scoreboard after “Death” instead of after the kill
  • Stopped “Melee Kill” stat from increasing due to a variety of unrelated weapons
  • Fixed some Players spawning as Infantry when claiming a tank role
  • Fixed player from being able to claim tank roles with an insufficient amount of XP
  • Stopped Tank’s parking break from being turned on and staying active when driver switches seats and firing a weapon
  • Fixed players from being able to continually spawn tanks if they claim the “Tank Role” after respawn
  • Stopped tank's parking brake from turning on when switching seats or firing weapon
  • Fixed Tanks from spawning ontop of one another when free spawnpoints are available
  • Patched players from being able to continuously spawn tanks if they reclaim tank role after getting killed/ respawning
  • Removed invisible collision volumes left by tanks at their spawn location
  • Fixed tank roles from being able to spawn on infantry spawnpoints without a tank
  • Stopped infantry roles from auto selecting vehicle spawn points on compatible layers
  • Patched players from being able to select vehicle role while alive
  • Adjusted admin commands effecting XP system
  • Resolved issue where players were earning XP from blocking friendly melee attacks
  • Patched players gathered XP during current life being granted to the next player that died
  • Added Faction and Year to Team Info
  • Sections with more than 9 roles will now show all available roles
  • Fixed issue where players instantly lost XP when being incapacitated VS when they give up
  • Fixed players from not being able to claim tank roles when team tanks are destroyed after tank limit is reached
  • Stopped role limits from no longer applying once the player can afford the universal role

Known issues

  • AMD FX users will have degraded performance due to issues with the audio system. We’re still investigating possible solutions. Workaround: AMD FX users have degraded performance
  • Microphone not working or Input device is reset after restarting the game twice. Workaround: My microphone 'Input Device' is reset after restarting the game
  • Rifle grenades do not cause environmental damage
  • Some weapon/vehicle HUD icons are incorrect
  • Personal awards are not correctly displayed
  • Damage radius of field cannons will sometimes cause players to not be killed immediately
  • Certain Weapons and Explosives are using placeholder SFX
  • Melee charging may cause rubberbanding and a broken weapon animation
  • Rally Point placement limits aren’t applied in all cases
  • Tear Gas effect can sometimes appear with a gas mask
  • A shooting range for ANZAC team is missing
  • Abandoned tanks can be seen and entered by the enemy
  • Flamethrower hose appears detached from the tank
  • Bandaging can fail with a delay after crouching