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Beyond The Wire 1.0 Launch

August 30, 2022
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Offworld Industries is excited to announce that Beyond The Wire has now launched and is available in English, French, German, and Simplified Chinese! With 10 factions to play from the Allied Forces and Central Powers, Beyond The Wire offers 50 vs 50 historical engagements with era-authentic weaponry and vehicles, with maps from the western front of the Great war that span up to two kilometres.

Launch brings many new additions to Beyond The Wire, including a new customization system featuring historical equipment and clothing with a variety of 440 different items to start, a melee combat system involving parry, attack and counter for close combat in the brutal warfare of the trenches, and updates to existing maps based on months of playtesting and player feedback. Finally there is the crispy beauty of the new flamethrower and improved fire effects.

We would like to especially thank you all for your support, feedback and comments that helped us shape Beyond The Wire into the game that it is. We are looking forward to see you all playing it!

Finally if you encounter issues after the launch please report them here: v1.0 Issues Reporting

See you all down in the trenches soldiers!