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Beyond The Wire - Available Now!

October 21, 2020
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Beyond The Wire available now!

Welcome Soldiers!

The day has finally arrived! After thousands of hours of testing, hundreds of thousands of rounds fired and countless battles over the Zonnebeke Church, Beyond The Wire has launched to Early Access!

Releasing today, 21st October Beyond The Wire is priced at $34.99 USD, €29.99 EUR or £27.79 GBP. There is also an optional soundtrack bundle for an additional cost of $4.99. Players who purchase the OST bundle will get access to all of the BTW soundtrack releases going forward.

Heading into Early Access with a plethora of features and options for gameplay, Beyond The Wire aims to deliver a new WW1 experience concentrating on immersion, action and strategy. Whether leading the charge as an assault troop or guiding fire missions with the artillery detachment BTW has a role for everyone. Below we have highlighted some of the main aspects of this Early Access launch, including main features and content.

Maps Zonnebeke Frise Ansoncourt Development update: Fields of Battle

Factions French Republic German Empire American Expeditionary Forces Development update: Character models

Weapons https://playbtw.com/early-access-weapon-mechanics-systems/ https://playbtw.com/development-update-armaments/ https://playbtw.com/early-access-arsenal/

Rifles - Lebel Modele 1886/M93 - Gewehr 1898 - Enfield 1917

Revolvers - Modele 1892 - Colt 1917

Semi-automatic pistols - Ruby M1915 - Colt 1911 - Pistole 08 - Lange Pistole 08 (Stick and Drum Mag variants)

Rifle grenade launchers - M1917 Karabinergranate - VB Rifle Grenade

Grenades - Grenade F1 - M1916 Stielhandgranate - Mk1 Grenade - M1916 "Geballte Ladung" (6x) - Handnebelbombe

Melee Weapons - Improvised Trench Clubs - S98/05 Bajonett

Tools - Binoculars - Wire Cutters - Gas Mask

Deployables - Ammo Crates - Sniper Shields - Sandbags - Field Telephone

Emplacements - Maschinengewehr 08 - Feldkannone 96 n.A.

Off-Map Support - Heavy Explosive Artillery Barrage - Smoke Artillery Barrage - Chlorine Artillery Barrage